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Rider Wolves

She's back.

Subject says it all really. She's back and it wasn't anything I did, she was just... doing what she had to do, which I did suspect, still... I'm just happy to have her back. Unconditional love is what it is and I shan't hold her actions against her. I didn't even subconsciously try make her feel guilty this time, I just let it be. Growth. I like that.


Mmmm, be careful.

Eek, I sound like my mother.
yes dear, I know, be careful, everyone keeps telling me to be careful. All she is guilty of is ignorance... there are worse things... but I respect your concern. Thank you :)
Yes, but if she ups and disappears again you're going to gte hurt all over again. So ... be careful, tis all I'm sayin :P
but in the end, I can't stop that... I can only work towards having more people in my life so the impact is not so great should such things occur. In the mean time I can't change the hurt that would happen, because I care about her so strongly... and I am just not the sort of person to change that.
That's sort of what I mean - not getting back in the habit of being reliant on her for your happiness, because you know now you are able to get that elsewhere as well.

I know you've forgiven her (for lack of a better word), but I do hope you also let her know how you felt when she was gone for so long (not in a manipulative way, but in a friend/sharing feelings way).
I will, I won't be able to help myself... I am a talk about my feelings kind of person. But I'll be more gentle about it.
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