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Hello again LJ world

So here I am, almost one year to the day since my last entry. Still live and kicking. I blame facebook for my absence. I feel like it became easier to just update statuses than to sit down and actually write something of substance (or little to no substance). Anyways I am back, in some part because Tennya (I don't remember how to friend tag) has asked me a couple of times to return and because I need a forum for writing things down for analysing my thoughts and feelings.

So yeah if I manage to make this a regular thing again it is for me in the sense that I really don't care if anybody reads and I wont be making it user friendly just for the sake of it. I might write lists, I might write in depth posts of an emotional level or I might just dribble crap. I have to start working through aspects of my life and my Mental Health Nurse has encouraged me to write different things down.

Today however I guess is more about an update of where I am now at in life. The good news following my last post is that the Dragons did indeed win the NRL premiership, which was quite awesome for me. This year though Manly and the Warriors are playing off and I hate Manly, so go Warriors. Better I just think about the rugby too, because today is AFL Grand Final day and its taken me a week to get over the travesty of justice with how much umpire assistance Colingwood received in the fourth quarter against my beloved Hawks last week. I hope Geelong smashes them today.

What else is new? Well I am sitting at my girlfriend's house as we prepare for a nice grand final party. Yes I know amazing how someone like me with so many trust issues and low self esteem could actually land a girlfriend. Well I have and she is a wonderful person, she is teaching me a lot about life and supports me in my endeavour to become a better/healthier person in both body and spirit. I am very fortunate and thankful to have this amazing woman in my life. We have been together over 6 months which has to be a record for me when it comes to real life in-person relationships.

Jamie is still my best friend and in many ways we are stronger than ever. I am thankful for the lessons I have learned from her that have helped me grow as a person to be ready to participate in a healthy relationship.

Yeah I also succumbed to World of Warcraft, yes we can blame Jamie who taught me about trying things before dismissing them. I find it to be enjoyable at times, although at the moment I am more looking forward to Battlefield 3 (if it works on my system). I also really want to get Madden 12 for my Xbox 360 and eventually NBA 2k12. Although I seem to have less and less time to game between study (and work placement which begins Monday for the next three weeks).

I'm tired right now, I didn't sleep well last night. My anxiety has been getting to me some, not as bad as it used to, but enough to disturb my sleep. I think i need a quick nap before the festivities. I'll try and come back soon LJ World.


yay, you're back! i, for the record, read your entry and will keep reading the entries that you post. I post nearly dayily and also read my friend's page nearly dayily as well :) i'm glad you're back. and who cares what kind of posts you make? it's here just to help you write down your thoughts or figure stuff out. I know i use my LJ for that, if you do any reading of it you'll understand I post for myself and sometimes post stuff that doesn't make sense to anyone. i'm glad to hear you found someone wonderful for your life! it really makes me smile :) also glad that you and jamie are still budds :) okay, long enough post, glad you're back! feel free to comment on my lj if you ever want me to explain something or you just want me to know someone :)
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December 2011

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