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The Return: Day Two

So I am back again. I am trying to turn LJ back into a habit again. It's the next morning, just. I'm just chilling in front of the TV while my beautiful girlfriend gets some much needed sleep. Geelong did the world a favour by defeating Collingwood, so I am pretty stoked by that.
Was a great afternoon and evening watching the footy and partying. Ebony (a recent friend from women's football team I play for) ate her weight in food which was amusing to me. We watched Coyote Ugly, also amusing and brought back loads of memories from years gone by. One fact remains, Piper Perabo is the most gorgeous woman.

The hard part of last night was bed time, a minor case of indigestion made it feel harder to breathe and it made me feel a little anxious internally as has often been the case lately when I have been suffering any mid ailment. This anxiety is left over from when I dealt with the death of my neighbour a few years ago. Anyways my girlfriend helped me feel a bit better by giving me an extra pillow to prop up on and some mylanta to help settle the indigestion. We then snuggled for a bit and I tell you nothing is as soothing as lying in her arms.

While I was anxious I was thinking that it was just indigestion and that it was a little harder than normal to breathe, but that I could still breathe and that I should stay calm. I was feeling stressed and worried. I was fine after I propped up for a little bit and distracted myself talking with the girlfriend. Distraction works well with my anxiety over physical health issues.

I need more sleep, but instead I shall talk with Jamie while the girlfriend sleeps more.


Here here on the Piper Perabo comment :)

Sorry about the anxiety, I know how you feel, I have it on a nearly daily bases, it sucks, I feel for ya :( I'm thinking about trying yoga or meditation, if anything like that turns out to help I'll let you know for sure :)
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December 2011

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